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The Birds & The Bees

Protect the Pollinators!

Spring has arrived! Our mission to save the planet extends to preserving the health of ecosystems that sustain our healthy food supply. Pollinators like birds and bees are critical to ensuring a bright future – they’re directly responsible for 1 out of every 3 bites of food we eat! 

In honor of protecting Earth’s pollinators this Spring, we’re bringing you a collection of limited-time items through May 31 highlighting the birds and the bees. 

Each order with a limited-time menu item purchase will come with a wildflower seed packet so you can plant beautiful wildflowers that will nourish and support our pollinators in the wild! 

First up – the bees: Truffle Honey Chik’n Burger (March 19 - April 30)

Crispy chik'n filet, white truffle vegan honey, smoky tempeh bacon, organic lettuce, ripe red jalapeno mayo on an organic white bun. 20g protein (contains: soy, wheat, coconut)

We'll also be making a donation to the Pollinator Partnership – check out their incredible resources to learn more!

Pollinator Partnership Order Online

IT’S ALL ABOUT THE BIRDS AND THE BEES! THESE WINGED WONDERS HELP CREATE HEALTHY ECOSYSTEMS Did you know? More than 100 US-grown crops rely on pollinators, like apples, berries, squash, broccoli, nuts, and more. Save local pollinators!  Create pollinator-friendly habitats by planting wildflowers in your outdoor space. When possible, choose organic foods to reduce the demand for harmful pesticides. Don’t swat bees!