Matt and Cierra de Gruyter
NLB Founders

We started with one big idea—the right food can save the world.

Next Level Burger founders, Matt and Cierra de Gruyter, took their big idea and risked everything to see it come to life with America’s first 100% plant-based burger joint. Matt and Cierra had a comfortable life for their young family, but they were very uncomfortable with what they saw happening in the world—escalating climate change, unhealthy eating and a fundamental problem with where people get their food—they felt a clear urgency to do something about it.

Packing up their lives, they put their heart and soul into building something new, different and very special, a plant-based burger chain that would be all about quality and sustainability—non-GMO with all organic veggies—something good for the people and the planet.

This big, delicious idea from one little family grew into NLB burger awesomeness—serving up Burgers for a Better World on the daily in locations coast to coast. And Matt and Cierra are still rolling up their sleeves every day to make sure every burger, shake and fry is everything they imagined in those early days of dreaming up Next Level Burger.